FTA Fugitive Recovery


FTA Fugitive Recovery Service provides bail surety companies with complete liability management resources.  FTA Fugitive Recovery Service specializes in all matters pertaining to bail forfeitures, and the management of those forfeitures. FTA Fugitive Recovery Service also offer pre-forfeiture and OSL Management.

Our agents are highly trained, professional, courteous, and resourceful.

 Our services include:


     o         Court Research, Filing

     o         Bail Forfeiture Investigation

     o         In Custody Verification / Warrant Hold

     o         Complete Fugitive Recovery Services

     o         Bond Surrender

     o         Court Surrender

     o         Straight Pick-Up Service


 o         Defendant Monitoring

 o         Risk Assessment

 o         OSL (Outstanding Liability) Management

 o         Risk Management

 o         Bail Bond Motion Support / Tech Review (filing/appearance)

 o         Bail Bond Extradition Services              


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