FTA Fugitive Recovery
760-641-6535                 "YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CANT HIDE"          

FTA Fugitive Recovery Service investigative methods are designed to save the client money and minimize liabilities. This is accomplished by employing highly trained professional bail enforcement agents and implementing the most effective and professional investigative methods.

 FTA Fugitive Recovery Service is a Bail Enforcement agency located in California. The FTA Fugitive Recovery Service bail enforcement operational area includes California, all 50 states and U.S. Territories. Providing strategic bail enforcement (fugitive recovery) services is our primary specialty. FTA Fugitive Recovery Service specializes in the surety industry by providing bail enforcement and fugitive recovery services to the bail bond industry and government agencies. FTA Fugitive Recovery Service specializes in high risk nationwide fugitive retrieval, prisoner transportation, and criminal extradition services.

FTA Fugitive Recovery Service is regulated and licensed by the State of California, Division of Insurance, for bail enforcement in California. FTA Fugitive Recovery Service is staffed by ex-law enforcement, ex-military professionals and security profession. All agents have undergone a screening selection process that is thorough and rigid.  


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